Junk Removal

 Get Rid of that Junk with our Junk Removal Service!

  • No need to hire a Moving and Junk removal company! A Few Good College Men simplifies the process by offering both services. Should you need junk removal and not moving services, or vice versa, we can accommodate this service as well!
  • Our Junk removal is based on volume (how much space your items take up on the truck), however; our trucks are 30 % larger than our competitors. As a customer –you will get more for your buck!
  • A key component that separates our junk removal process from our competitors, is the fact we send out EXPERIENCED movers to handle the process. This is a key factor in ensuring the items being removed from your home, are handled properly should we need to bring it throughout the home.
  • We’ve found that whether you are planning a local move in the DC Metropolitan area or a long distance move, junk removal is often part of the process. That’s why we offer our junk removal service, to help make your move simpler and cost effective.
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