Moving Tips

We’ve Been Doing This a Long Time. Here’s some Moving Tips and Suggestions.

Tip 1: Use strong boxes and containers

Use strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly. Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe and other special items.

Tip 2: Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes

Obviously this only applies if you still have the original packaging, but doing so will save you a lot of time when unpacking. Whether or not you have original packaging, you should still make sure to:

Tip 3: Label each box

Moving is hard enough as it is. Give yourself a break by labeling boxes so you know where everything is when it comes time to unpack. Among other things, make sure to indicate the following:(a) Which room it should go in (b) Whether it is fragile (c) If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first.

Tip 4: Cushion package contents

Cushion contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue. Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.

Tip 5: Pack books tightly

Pack books tightly in to small boxes. The reasoning behind this is because books are heavy and bigger boxes will not hold a large load of books.

Tip 6: Have rugs and draperies cleaned

Have your rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and always leave them in the wrappings for the move.

Tip 7: Pack Your Medicines in a Leak Proof Container.

This really applies to any kind of liquid. Nothing is worse than opening a box to find everything drenched because the cap popped off of something. Secure any such items, and wrap each container in a plastic bag.

Tip 8: Carry all Valuables with You!!

This includes anything from keys to legal documents. If it’s something you may need or want to access soon after the move, keep it handy.

Tip 9: Fragile / Miscellaneous Items.

If you have the keys to your new place in advance to the move, please be advised to move your pictures, lamps, and other small items, prior to the official moving. This will save you time and money on the move.

Tip 10: Supplies!

Keep the following supplies handy for packing; Boxes, Marking Pens, Bubble Wrap, extra Newspapers and Tissues, Tape, Scissors, a Tape Measure.

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